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Our Mission

Our mission is to create memorable dining experiences by offering organic and delicious quality foods with professional service along with exquisite presentation skills. We, at CaliSoul Kitchen, are capable of fulfilling all catering needs from elite casual business meetings to the most special private or personal occasions. Our “Caribbean Sauces” are key ingredients in many of our delicious dishes and we are extremely happy and proud to share these great sauces with you. We also have the seasoning to add that extravagant flavor to any food item prepared. They are ready for you to grab and tickle your taste buds. Enjoy!!
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About Us

CaliSoul Kitchen combines the great traditions of Southern and Caribbean soul foods with that of California cuisine. The outcome is- a whole range of delicious food items, made from locally sourced, organic and healthy ingredients. CaliSoul Kitchen has a unique style that we call- San Diego Regional cuisines, using Soul foods as its base and infused with Italian, Cajun, Caribbean, and Mexican foods.

We’ve launched an amazingly Delicious and Unique collection of Handmade products called -“Caribbean Sauces” made with 100% organic ingredients. We have launched sauce products, which primarily include 3 types of sauces:


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(Smokin’ HOT)

Business Profile

It all sparked when Larry Byrd met Debra Duncan. He was highly impressed by her extraordinary talent for cooking. They thought it would be a great idea to combine their efforts. So, Larry had her cater to the first fundraiser event for his non-profit organization, Disability Dream Weavers.

Making it a Grand success they decided to go a long way together. They then came up with the idea of making sauces. with some research and studies, Debra came up with a unique recipe for Caribbean Sauces. They had some friends and family members sample it for them and received amazing feedback. People even began to demand for more and would happily pay for their sauces. That did call for going commercial.

That’s exactly how CaliSoul Kitchen came into existence!

Larry Byrd enjoys cooking his own food. While in high school, he took a Home Economics class, which triggered the interest even more. Larry noticed Debra’s flair for cooking, joined hands with her and conceptualized CaliSoul Kitchen.

Larry is a Singer, Musician, Producer, Broadcaster and Telemedia Specialist. He is a well-known Energy Healing Practitioner and believes in building communities.

Besides all that, Larry loves to travel across the globe and explore different cultures, languages, food, fashion, etc.

Larry Byrd


(Telemedia Specialist)

Debra Duncan, a Cooperate chef, comes from a family of cooks for Eight Generations and brings all the creativity and taste to whatever she cooks. She’s the CEO and co-founder at CaliSoul Kitchen.

She’s a stylish chick and a great Artist. She’s been an awesome Singer who simply found rocking the Gigs often. Her friends call her Fabo or Ms. Goodness.

Debra is a trained Caregiver too. When she’s not cooking, Debra enjoys spending time with the family and friends. She’s a big lover of animals.

Debra Duncan


(Corporate Chef)

Mike King has spent most of his career as a Tech geek, a software developer and a consultant for digital marketing and market research firms.

He’s also been a Business geek studying business analysis and entrepreneurship.

His role at CaliSoul Kitchen is to combine these passions for business and technology as a community-based business that is efficient and fun to be around. His main goal is to keep things running smoothly so his partners can focus on the important things: good food, good music, and good friends.

Michael King

Administrative Manager,

(Tech Geek)

CaliSoul Kitchen

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